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Baby Presents
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Need that special moment to appreciate your BFF before the big day? Or you can’t 

seem to take your eyes off of the little baby and everybody- YES EVERYBODY- needs to know just how cute they really are! At Laws of Luxury, we help you take care of all that so the stress is gone, and the fun just keeps on giving!



How it works

You and your best gal pals/besties give us a shout on what will make the party extra special for him/her!


What we need

Of course- any specific ideas that would be best for this bride to be/baby angel would be greatly appreciated, but we are all about the theme parties and we want to know what will make them smile from ear to ear!


When we work

We work around the clock, but we also have other projects on the go, so please let us know your availability in advance to meet up and discuss/finalize any details. You might find yourself automatically thinking “need to be virtual to plan this out?” No problem- we can email/facetime/skype to make sure we meet your timeline while still taking care of those small details that make a big difference!