Flavours of Nepal

A Nepalese fairytale wedding dream come true...

Nepali astrologers fixes the marriage date according to the position of the stars.

On the day of the ceremony groom is dressed in traditional Nepali wear with ‘Tika’ on the forehead, flower and dubo grass garland on the neck and ‘Khukuri’ on the waist.

Furthermore, the bride is dressed in red coloured saari, and is decorated with golden ornaments and precious gems. The groom accompanied by grooms’ relatives, friends and well wishers go to the marriage venue dancing in the soothing music from Panche Baaja (typical Nepali musical instrument). The bride and groom then sit nearby the sacred fire and follow enchants from the Holy Priest.

The priest ties two white clothes making a knot. The knot resembles a lifelong relationship, and the couple goes around the sacred fire seven times promising to support each other in every step of life.

Finally, the groom puts sindoor (vermalin powder) on the forehead of bride, and both accept each other as the husband and wife for eternity.