Looped with love

Had such a blast hanging out with Dori and her wonderful calligraphy workshop attendees this past weekend! It’s amazing to see how things we used to take for granted like learning how to handwrite can be such a coveted art form within the future generations ahead.

From pointed pens with nibs and ink pots to colourful brush pens squeaking away, it was so refreshing to take a moment away from technology and back to physical interactions with each other.

Calligraphy is one of those art forms that is therapeutic for both the calligrapher and viewer. What we loved seeing the most was strangers coming together and through a mutual passion- build friendship in encouraging each other in these two hour sessions.

We opted for a soft and intimate palette for decor and venue choice which really set the tone for relaxation and a comforting ambience! For initial structure, we chose 15” gold geo prism candleholders but softened it up with blush satin runners & tablecloths, fresh roses, hyacinths, and babies breath; in essence- there was no shortage of a delicate moment if it was needed.

A big thank you to all of our vendors for letting us pull strings so we had a seamless event! (Hudson House, Jars of Clay Calligraphy, All West Rentals, and River City Events)

In wrapping up February, we cannot wait to share with you another upcoming project which is spearheaded by Maja from M2S weddings! Trust us- you won’t want to miss it!

But first- we head off to the long awaited destination wedding we’ve been talking about for the better half of last year: NEPAL!

Looking forward to sharing more beautiful moments in Kathmandu with you all!