Lil' Frosting Fun

Had such a blast hosting another styled editorial with a creative team who got behind and shared our excitement for a monochrome white tea party! Listed below are our fabulous friends hard at work this nostalgic November weekend:

Venue & Cake: The Art of Cake

Stylist & Planner: Laws of Luxury

Calligraphy: Jars of Clay Calligraphy

Photographer: Nat + Glo Photography

Model: Coretta Adriaans

Makeup: Carmen Li

Rentals: Special Event Rentals

From marbled white tables and chairs, to a vast vintage collection of tea cups from The Art of Cake, we couldn't be happier with how the styling turned out. It was in our favour to have lighting from crystal chandeliers, and large window panes to let natural light flow throughout this victorian inspired cafe, and to top it all off, some icing sugar, and a marbled black cake to be in awe of!

One of our favourite detail shots must be the dome cloches from Beauty and the Beast, and from that inspo - Dori did a fantastic job of writing onto each of them a little festive greeting, but she also had the genuity to add some icing sugar on top to create a frosted winter wonderland effect on these timeless pieces.

Carmen as MUA was fantastic as she needed minimal guidance, and was able to create a gorgeous palette for Coretta's flawless makeup that day. It felt effortless to have all the outfits come together nicely to compliment our monochrome white and ivory bouquets (but truthfully there were 8 to choose from 😆). That, and our icicle and everest pine garlands also magically intertwined and lapped around our tablescape so nicely, we almost didn't want to leave after the shoot because it was all just so cozy & festive!

Nonetheless, we digress and say- another fantastic turnout of magnificent ideas from local vendors coming together and experimenting with creative thoughts! These past few months have been a blessing of beautiful creations being born all because of the mutual love we share for art and design. Sincerely grateful for each and every one of the vendors we have connected with. 🙏🏻

For the month of December we will be taking a break as some rest and relaxation with family and friends is needed, but stay tuned for January 2018, because we too cannot wait to showcase to our followers the next great collaboration we have in store!