The Important Rs

Has it been 4 months since our last post?!?! Where has the time gone! 😱

What we can share is that we have been working on a lot of important things, most of them starting with Rs.

Rest, relaxation, reflection on what we've done, and where we want to go, as well as reimagining the unimpossible as possible.

With that being said, we are so proud to share with you all something we have been putting together for the past few months!

Drum roll.....monthly tablescapes!!!

Monthly tablescapes will feature some of the industry trends, but also the creativity that come from our team. It's been a fun journey exploring with different vendors, as well as challenging us to think outside the norm. Here are just a few- enjoy!

February: "Lucky in Love"

March - "Floral Finesse"

April - "Apricots in April"

May - "Mothers' Day Mementos"

If you want to keep up with our tablescapes, remember to follow us on Instagram @lawsofluxury ! Since Father's Day is just around the corner, if you also have any themes or colour palettes that you are interested in seeing come to life, feel free to pop us a message via email at: OR the quick chat at the bottom of this page!

Summer is here - enjoy lifes' luxury! 💋