Destined for 'Amo' From YEG -> CUN

We ended off 2016 with hosting a Chinese tea ceremony for our client Lorrie and Michael, and we couldn't have jumped into 2017 with an even greater start than being a witness and testament to their love at their wedding in Cancun, Mexico!

Keeping in theme with deep luxe red hues, candle lit lanterns, and romantic petals in both local and destination venues, we had such a blast working on the decor and design of their big day!

In spirit of recapping this great celebration, here are a few key pieces to alway remember when thinking about destination weddings:

* Booking with a travel agency- there are perks for both your flight accommodations as well as upgrades to the hotel suite! And in addition, your close friends and family will definitely be traveling alongside with you so the party starts right from the airport! ^_~

* Connecting with the Wedding Coordinator/Destination Coordinator at least a week in advance prior to your big day. There are many elements of change that can happen, and the good news is, they're the experts! Don't shy away from looking into options for chairs/chair covers, table centrepieces, or even wedding favours. More often than not, the venue of choice will always accommodate and bring an element of surprise with a touch of local flare!

* Make sure it all fits- please remember to do your final fitting/tailoring as close to the date as you leave for the destination as possible. Depending on the destination, you may experience some minor changes in sizing due to humidity levels, temperature changes, etc.

* Work with your photographer with must have photos. Whether you are flying out your photographer for your big day, or hiring on the destination venues' photographer of choice, it is just as important to let them know some of your must have shots so they can maximize the flip over time to get the best moments possible, especially if you're planning to catch sunsets!

* Last, but definitely not least- be open to imagining your wedding day as both indoor or outdoor. Some things we have absolute control over, and others we do not. The weather is one of those things that we do not have any control over. Make a list of what those uncontrollables are that affect you, and make sure there is both a Plan A and Plan B that you are equally happy with so that in any situation, you will be stress free and enjoy your big day!!!

Love in the sun

With that being said, we are so excited to share these beautiful moments captured with you all!

Photographer: Adventure Photos, #adventurephotos

a cervesa por favor
glowing in glitter
Ceremony pre decor
Blushing bride
reflection of amo
put a ring on it
hor d'oeuvres for all
depth bouquet
diamond in the sand
the wedding party!
A starry night