Bella's Birthday Bash!

Our eyes went into dreamy filter mode for Bella! With 80 guests joining us to celebrate her past 12 months, we couldn't wait to share with you all some of the amazing details that went into it.

Here are 8 tips in planning a themed birthday party!

1. Make it yours- we loved when our client found a meaningful way to celebrate their little girl through a 12 month streamer. It was absolutely a talking piece, and so many of their guests were coming back for a double take!

2. Inflatables- if you are wanting to do a themed birthday party, make sure you get a mix of both helium balloons as well as regular balloons. It gives that extra oomph! and character, not to mention it lasts for days longer after the party is over!

3. Favour bags- since we had well over 20 kids coming to the event, it only makes sense that we have something for them to remember the day with!

4. Entertainment - this is a bit of a grey area. Depending on the age range between the children attending the event, it's always good to have a few group games prepared to break the ice, and get the party started.

5. Tablescape- We had no idea how big of a hit the dessert table ended up to be, until the guests showed up! It was a pretty close competition between the Photo Booth guys, and our custom made pink & white streamer wall! One thing to note is to make sure you do take the time to check the venue as any custom walls built day of will need to last for hours.

6. Variety is the spice of life- We've found that dessert tables only truly come together when there are many layers and levels to it. So make sure when putting together a dessert table, to have platters and trays that gives a visual element so that it pop's, and the immediate response is a WOW!

7. Know your audience - this goes for almost any event, but depending on the time, day, and type of event, flexibility is key. If the crowd is casual and cool, or if its structured and serious, make it work either way! In this scenario, we were so lucky to have such warm and helpful guests to help with any last minute details to the day. It really made the worlds' difference if and when anything came up so know your people folks!

8. Have fun! - we are at our best when we are under pressure, but without joy and happiness in what we do, it would never be what it should be; a natural yet perfected organized chaos. ^_~

Have a fantastic rest of August wonderfuls, we'll be updating you all in September!!!