Calligraphy Class Giveaway!

A quote that has stuck with us throughout many journeys in life. Whether it be about starting up Laws of Luxury, or doing things differently in order to create something extraordinary; it all boils down to having courage to trust in the unknown and to think positively about the unknown.

For the month of April and into the beginning of May, we had the opportunity to host a Mother's Day Giveaway of Rabbits Loop Calligraphys' custom print and card set, alongside with a free pair of tickets to our Fall Calligraphy Class!

Mother's Day Giveaway

It was humbling to have the opportunity to learn from Lauren some basic fundamentals of what makes calligraphy so beautiful, her journey in discovering her passion for it, and why everyone wants it in their home decor, their personal invitations, and sprinkled throughout their special events. We are so excited to have the opportunity to share this insight, and luxurious experience with the rest of the calligraphy community here in Edmonton!

For those who would like to be notified of when our early bird tickets come for this workshop, please click here.

Wishing all those a lovely Monday, and see you in May!