Soju In The Sea ft. Soulite HK

Soulite HK
Hong Kong Night Ocean View
Junk Boat at Central Pier 9

Thinking about last weeks' junk boat party made us realize just how connected the world can really be. Having entpreneurs from Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, London, and of course, our Canadian selves' all come together made us appreciate the common interest that is shared across the world. What's this you may ask?

Enjoying a great event with a great meal paired with great drinks!

We had the pleasure of connecting with the creators of Soulite HK: MJ, June, and Yoona on why they love creating custom infused soju. Their user friendly innovation of plastic packet as cups allowed for a hands free, comfortable experience all the while learning about how they curate flavours that speak to different people in different ways.

"We’ve been in Hong Kong a while now. All of us had enough of going out and about streets of LKF past midnight and getting smashed with 'oh not so cheap' and not the greatest quality beverages. We’ve now been slowly shifting towards house parties with home-curated tunes, great people, and mostly, healthier, more affordable, and NICER drinks. And we thought, who doesn’t like delicious, natural, and affordable drinks with a variety of flavours? Why not share this with more people?"

- Soulite HK

Team Soulite HK

After sampling the flavours on deck that night (lemon, apple cinnamon, pineapple, coffee, and yakult), we had a close battle between the favorites for everyone as either pineapple, yakult, or coffee respectively. The pineapple flavouring gave the soju a lighter taste, as well as a hint of sweetness, while coffee was a hit for those who preferred a stronger presence of soju and great for mixing with other flavours; leaving yakult to be the perfect blend of soft creamy richness, tasting the yogurt fresh tartness through and through.

For those who are interested in ordering or to learn more, feel free to check out their website & blog at: ! And for those who enjoyed viewing the images above and below, feel free to follow Derry Ainsworth on Facebook: or Instagram: @derryainsworth

Soulite Flavours & Packages
Worm View
Catering: Seoul Bro's
Product Shot 2
Soju in a packet!
Networking Ninjas
HKUST Reunion
Group Shot!

Thanks again for introducing us to soju in a different way Soulite HK. We look forward to having you and your beverages in future events we host!