A 'Precious' Phenomena

Wellington, NZ
Nightscape- Auckland, NZ
Beginning the hike- Mt. Ngauruhoe (Mt. Doom in LOTR)
Crater View
Tongoriro Crossing
Sunset, the moon, and live volcanic smoke
Thermal Wonderland
Mount Eden

After spending 8 days on the road touring the north island of New Zealand, we are happy to say that the life of a hobbit is beautiful and bugless, but not always so easy! With vast green hills that literally could be described in 10 pages, we found ourselves slightly underprepared when climbing a few volcanic mountains that covered this mysteriously serene land. That being said, the scenery could easily convince anyone to take on a full day hike and be left in awe. We have featured for you all in today's post the daily panoramas that we were able to witness and capture!

Only way to start the morning- flat whites for the win

Cheese for days!

Aged Steak

What was even more exciting coming out of this trip was experiencing the local coffee press, the 100% grass fed aged beef, locally grown fruits & veggies, and amazing dairy products that melted our hearts and stomachs. For our readers who are interested in either doing an adventurous desination wedding, or for an eye opening honeymoon- New Zealand is your calling!

Oh and did we mention! We were so blessed to arrive into this trip congratulating our close friends on their engagement. Congratulations to Jack and Ayesha- such authentic people who are so well suited for each other, we could not be happier for both of you, and look forward to attending this royal wedding in Nepal 2018!

Perfect Match @ Espressoholic
Bench candids

At the home front, we will be hanging out with our local friends this month including Special Event Rentals with their new inventory coming in preparation for summer, Fairmont for their fabulous open house, and our athletic friends who are about to launch Fitset! We hope to see you all there, and if not- get in touch with us to find out what's happening!