Get Your March Move On!

With a Skip and a Hop!

In lieu of all the change in weather with clear blue skies and melted snow, we couldn't think of a better way to kickstart our energy level than to provide awesome opportunities to put some spring in your step! A shout out and thank you to Innovation Physical Therapy for sharing 21 events happening in all areas of Edmonton for the month of March. Interested, and want to stay active? Click below to see what you and your loved ones can participate in as of March 20th: the official day of spring!

What we love about these events is not only the opportunity to get outside and take in a breath of fresh air, but also the opportunity to connect and give back to the community. With several events involving non-profit/charity groups, it truly makes staying active an amazing lifestyle to live!

Who say's studying can't be luxurious?

For some, spring is an easy breezy season, but for others- it's exam time! For our devoted readers who are currently in their undergrad or masters studying hard for finals, we wouldn't want to end off the blog without some refreshing tips to help you in your coming weeks of preparation!

Ten Tips to Stay Sane & Stress-Free

1. Remember to stay hydrated, and get lots of sleep!

2. Studies show that people can only focus on a topic for 45 mins - 1 hr 15 mins at most. So, if you're feeling out of it, get up and take a walk. We promise you'll feel more energized, and ready to hit the books again. ^_^

3. Take deep breaths throughout the day. Whether it is buying a bouquet of fresh flowers and taking in the aromas, or doing your yoga first thing in the AM- finding your balance and meditative state will help you gain peace and clarity in what you do. Our Vice? Mixing & experimenting different perfumes together from the Joe Malone line. It's not only refreshing, but gives you just the perfect personal touch to make it 'au so YOU!'

4. Remember we're all in it together- sometimes with the amount of stress that can layer on, we become blind sighted that we're the only ones experiencing this. TRUST- you're not alone! So try being nice to those who may be feeling the same way, if not more overwhelmed than you are.

5. Reward yourself- work towards a goal that you set for yourself so that at the end, you can take care of you. Appreciate all the hard work you've put into a great year! Whether it's booking an all inclusive trip to Cancun, or finally buying the car you've been dreaming of, or putting a deposit on your favorite photographer for the big day- you deserve only the best!

6. Be strategic with your time- not sure when, where, or how works best for you? That's ok- it'll take a bit of experimenting to find your power hours, and if you're better alone than with a study group. But just remember when you do hit your stride, that you identify why it worked out well for you.

7. Exercise & stay active! After all, what have we been talking about all day already?

8. Doing things differently- sometimes we put ourselves into a strict schedule on repeat, and suffocate different thinking. See if there is a way to break through the norm, and it might even help you process thoughts and ideas better! Hey, and if it doesn't, at least you will have learned more about yourself than had you never tried it before.

9. Have fun!- 'It's only bad if you think its' so'. The key message? You're fabulous, so create highlight moments in your day that show just how colorful, and fun you can be in any moment.

10. REPEAT STEPS 1-9 as often as needed!

Wishing you all a fresh, fun, and fabulous Friday!

Breathe in....sigh*