A Solution to Resolutions

Hello All!

Welcome to 2015- a year of new beginnings, new perspectives, and of course new events! Our resolution is simple. We will seek to find the root cause & intent in why we do what we do, and make sure it is aligned with who we are as Event Planners of Laws of Luxury. As for our personal goals; whether it be to detox for two weeks, or to plan more time with loved ones; finding the raw intent is oftentimes the more important half of the effort that drives results. And we are drivers indeed! ^_~

We will be kicking off January 2015 with new vendor introductions, more workshop topics, and takeaways from events we attend, and flying halfway across the world to Malaysia where we will be co-hosting our friends’ Ace & Siang’s wedding in their hometown Kuching. If you want to check out all the beautiful views to come, feel free to follow our social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where we will be featuring all this and more!

To start us off on a heartwarming Saturday, we finally received the video for Reid's proposal to Annie so without further adieu, here it is. Enjoy!

Congratulations again to the beautiful couple, we can't wait to see their next chapter!