Empty Handed Can Be Etiquette?

Event Lighting
Have you ever been invited to an event, without knowing expectations of what to bring, what to wear, or when to show up? Does it matter if it's a house event, or an event at a venue? What about dress code, what is too dressy, too casual? Do I really need to confirm via eVite or Facebook, or can I just show up without confirming? Since the holiday festivities have begun, we wanted to share a few tips' n' tricks on how to save your savvy for the holiday season!

Bring the Red!

What to Bring

Many of us are forewarned that "you don't need to bring anything, just your presence is enough." And as much as that is true, the old tradition of bearing gifts not only proves that you respect the host & the event being hosted, but that you are also helping minimize the costs attached to preparing an elaborate afternoon/evening. All that being said, if it is a corporate event where tickets are being sold, or admission fees are attached, then we're looking at a different ball game. The best way to draw the line is if a PERSON is hosting this event, maybe bringing that extra bottle of red wouldn't hurt, but if you're meeting at the Shaw conference centre for a work fundraiser, unless there's a donation or silent auction to be had, would be senseless to bring a gift other than yourself.

Cocktail Event

What to Wear

This was an interesting topic of discussion. Perhaps stealing the spotlight has it's time and place, but when you are in the lime light for the wrong reasons, that too can go down in history (thank you social media). Always try to dress amongst the range of attire, which requires you to know your audience. Who's going to be attending this event, what would they expect of themselves and others attending? That is usually the rule we live by; stay true to your style, your personality, but be aware that other's want to fit in just as much as you maybe want to stand out. How about if it's a theme party?! We know- there is a population out there that believes theme parties are just too much, and whenever those events come around (usually just an annual thing) they're just not in the mood. Well, look at it this way: if 364 of the 365 days of the year you get to be yourself, no dress up, no silly themes, and those who do love themes are not in an uproar, perhaps it's worth revisiting the one day they're looking forward to being goofy with you. Plus, who has ever complained about an epic costume that amazed everyone with the amount of thought and detail? Said no one ever.

Too late, too sleepy

When to Arrive

Ahhh...the "eager beaver", the "fashionably late", the "terrible traffic happening two blocks down", or the "why did you even bother showing up" personalities all come in play with this question. Now, is there a rule of thumb for when to arrive- no there isn't. However, a good moral compass would be "how would you feel if you were hosting this event?" As a host, there are many factors that impact WHEN as being appropriate. Here are a just a few examples:

  • There is an agenda- if there is an itinerary, and a timeline that impacts the overall experience, it would be in ones' best interest to show up at least 15 minutes in advance. Mostly because you're probably paying for this event, and if you do show up late, it could make the wrong impressions, you might miss a key part of the event, or an opportunity to connect with the right people.

  • Tickets are involved- again, if you're paying for an event, most likely your confirmation is not really optional. As well, confirming your attendance will also help hosts have a better representation of whether or not an event is going to be on budget, or over budget.

  • You know everyone who will be attending- being the life of the party can be a great thing, and can also be a bit exhausting. Reason being is that you're definitely amongst friends, so when you show up is when you show up, and when the party is started. That being said, if you are consistently that person that everybody's waiting around for, it becomes an expectation that you're always going to bring your A game, and everybody is waiting for you in order to have a good time. Definitely a first world problem, but knowing what dynamics and personalities attending the event will always help set you & others up for success too.

  • It's their big day- yes...we've all either been in the shoes of getting lost for 30 minutes, and showing up when the bride is walking down the aisle, or those on the other end, who are scathingly staring guests down as they try to sneak in the back row...on their wedding day (how could you!). But it goes without saying, please show up early that day. Especially if you've never been to the venue before, and you're driving your friends or entire family; it can stick out like a sore thumb for years to come...trust us on this one. That, or your wedding gift better be a really generous one!

Alright, that about sums up our reasoning rant for the day. What are we looking forward to this coming week(end)? High tea with the girls, our first DJ workshop, a private interview with another local entrepreneur, and potential collaboration with a strong marketing/consulting firm! Want to know more? Stay tuned to our weekly blog posts for more insight, sneak peeks, and discoveries of life in Laws of Luxury! ^_^