The Secret Weapon

What a marvelous Monday today!

Snowy Mountain Sunset

It's winter white here in Edmonton these days, and it's no wonder holiday lights are already up, eggnogs are bought by the dozen, and infinity knit scarves are everywhere! You'd think that with this cold weather, it'd be hard for most people to want to come out, connect, and ignite some fires. Fires of discussion, fires of discovery, fires of development...but no!

What's the secret weapon? Well here are some quotes that sums it up nicely.

"Find what makes you come alive, whatever it is. Become it and let it become you, and great things happen for you, to you and because of you."

"Work for a cause, not for applause. Live your life to express, not to impress."

- Marc and Angel Hack Life

There has been such a change in the social culture, it's amazing to see how entrepreneurs are really starting to bring up the climate. We've had the pleasure of meeting so many great new local businesses that are also taking a leap in making a difference, and we look forward to (and currently working towards) building partnerships with different venues/vendors to bring you the best experience during your special event(s).

In the meantime, we wanted to warm up to our readers with some fun facts about the holidays, what we're up to, and what's to come! From American traditions since the 19th century, to being a bit unconvential at 'Off the Wall', some coffee or Chai, and flights booked to Malaysia, we just can't wait to share with you all!

On a second thought, perhaps today's blog post should've been: Around 'Le Monde Monday!'

Stay warm everyone! ^_^

Find a Pickle, Make a Wish

pickle on your tree.JPG

It was originally rumored as a German tradition that if someone found a glass pickle on the Christmas tree, they would receive an extra present. During the 19th century, it was quite possible this assumption was based off of the many glass ornaments Germany had been exporting at the time in 1890s. Whether it's truly a German tradition, or a wicked marketing ploy from Berrien Springs Michigan- it still exists today in many Christmas Markets around the world. This image was taken in Vancouver's Christmas Market circa 2012.

Off the Wall....but still On the Wall

Off the Wall.jpg

On Friday, November 28th, 2014 from 7pm-11:30pm, Edmonton's emerging artists affiliated with the University of Alberta Fine Arts & Design Programs will be hosting an art and design silent auction, entitled "Off the Wall." This annual event features emerging local artists, and designers, providing a venue for them to display their work and invite friends, family, colleagues and the Edmonton public to come participate in a wonderfully artsy, evening gala. These artists offer anything from paintings, prints, photography, to 3D design works. Come on out, and check it out!

Coffee or Chai?

We'd choose Chai! Stay tuned to our next blog post, and we'll explain what this is all about! ^_^

Halfway There- #Malaysiacrushmondays

Where to Next?!

As we have been working on our local business arm, our personal events have been ramping up. We're stoked to be part of Ace & Siang's destination wedding back in their hometown Kuching, Malaysia, as well as taking a mini vacation with all of you! Want to know what a February wedding looks like halfway across the world? Remember to stay tuned for our updates where we are sharing amazing love stories from all over the world.