Keep Calm, and Event On!

Just wanted to let you all know that we've been busy not only building new partnerships with different local organizations, but we've also been non-stop attending several fun and creative events that Edmonton has to offer already! It's not about re-inventing the wheel, but rather taking all the great pieces that make an amazing event, and incorporating it into yours! How do we do that? Through exposure, experience, and experimentation.

It might have crossed your minds that from a few blog posts before we had mentioned our workshops, and rest assured- it's still in progress. Once we have all the details finalized, you will all be the first to hear of it! ^_^

Hang tight, and we'll share more shortly.

In the meantime, want to know which events we attended/attending this week? Here are a few notably exciting iCal'd events on our radar:

1. Nov. 2nd, 2014: Wine & Paint Night- available via Groupon. Come on out and support local artists who have a passion for painting, all while having a fine glass of wine!

Paint- Nite- Edmonton.jpg

2. Nov. 6th: Cirque Éloize sponsored by Ernst & Young. There's never been better networking opportunities than bringing acrobatic talent with entreprenurial minds. And who doesn't enjoy a cirque show?!

cirque eloize.jpeg

3. Nov. 7th, 2014: Tête Jaune- Edmonton's Industrial Design Show. Come out to meet the designers in the show, enjoy some amazing food catered by Culina, and live music!

Tete Jaune Commercial Flyer.jpg

Tete Jaune.png

4. Nov. 8th, 2014: Kokopelli and Oran present "Pax" (Peace). If you're looking for a relaxing evening out where you can enjoy the singing talent of youths & adults in Edmonton, while commemorating in remembrance of our soldiers-you've come to the right place!