Meet & Greets All Week!

Hello Dear Readers,

Thank you all for being so patient as it's been a full week since we've posted a new blog of our thoughts written all out (feels like forever!). We've been occupied with the business card distributions, meet and greets, networking events, art exhibits, floral shops, and just having a ton of fun getting Laws of Luxury out there!

Along the way, we've been absolutely humbled by some of the small wins that we'd like to share! For one, we've reached an audience from 5 different countries with our website in the first month of launch, and a growing number of viewers and likers in all of our social media. A HUGE THANK YOU for your continued support, and encouragement! It truly means a lot, and we're absolutely thrilled to continue providing engaging content for all you event lovers out there. ^_^

Something that has been requested are possible workshops that you'd like to see so we are going to have this next week as "Open Feedback/Idea Week" for what kind of workshops you feel would be valuable for your learning and special events! It could be anything from learning how to arrange your own bouquet, to having a Life Coach share some best case practices on mental health and awareness, to even the finesse in specialized gift wrapping! All creative ideas are welcome because these workshop events are meant for YOU! We will be sharing upcoming scheduled workshops via Facebook events on our page once topics have been finalized. So for those who are already excited and curious- please stay tuned!

How to send us your request? Email us at OR post a comment on our Facebook page!

On that note, let's all have an absolutely wonderful Friday!

High School Art