Festive Friday Featuring: All things Halloween!

Whether you and your friends are going to a house party, or finding ways to "Breakout" and "Escape" out of a haunted house- October is the month to watch out for! From clubbing events, to DIY workshops, there is no other time that people around the world are preparing their costumes months in advance for the much anticipated Oct. 31st! Now, our team understands that somteimes, social media can be a bit overwhelming to digest everything thats coming at you- the makeup, the hair, home decor, surprise setups, matching costumes, group themes, the works! What that really translates to is countless hours surfing the internet and getting inspired by apps like pinterest, instagram, twitter, tumblr, vine- you name it. The list can go on and on...

So we thought it would be great sharing with all of you fine folks some easy planning tips so you can mentally capacitate everything and still manage to have fun!

1. Don't try too hard- we always believe that timing is everything. Not everyone is going to freeze our hearts as the best frozenly dressed Elsa, or the most DEADicated zombie from walking dead, but you can still manage to pull off some unique costumes, and still make top hits of Reddit. Sometimes- all you need is a little thought and attention, but also the right lighting. After all- the point is YOU think it looks awesome, and that's what matters most right!

2. The secret K.I.S.S. when it comes to online searches- many of us today feel like the more apps we refer to, the more we can get a better idea of whats out there. And as much as it is true, the reality is that great ideas exist everywhere, and before we all have mental paralysis in being given too many options- sometimes sticking with a few ideas but in different variations is already more than enough.

3.With whom and where you are matters more- Picture this- you're dressed up as an awesome Marvel character, and you literally look like their doppleganger (nailed it!)- but you look back at that picture, and realize- there was you posing awkwardly at some random stranger's party. WOO....hoo....The point is- even with something light and fun like Halloween- it's the journey, not where you end up that matters most! ^_~

So on that note- let's continue this October journey together amidst friends, fun ideas, and of course- good times had by all!

This weeks' Pinterest Halloween inspired picks:

Trick or Treat Table

trick or treat.JPG

Studded Pumpkin talking pieces

studded pumpkin.jpg

Your guests will do a double take!

bat fork.png

Mmmmm....mummy time!

mummy fingers.jpg

Cuteness overload for the day!