A Day of Rest is a Day of Inspiration!

Sunday Funday! A day of rest, a day of recovery, and a day to take it easy. No matter where you are, Sunday always ends up being the day where everyone else around you is also taking things slowly, wanting a little break, and having fun in good company. Well, almost everybody. We observed a team who woudn't fit this typical Sunday protocol...

As we were driving by a parking lot this morning, we noticed a group of ladies with light pink caps on, white long sleeves, all huddled together. It took a moment to register what was going on (such coordinated taber corn sale at 9am??!), but sure enough- it was the Annual Breast Cancer Run this morning. And with a big smile on our faces, it was nice watching a team of motivated women come together and get involved with a cause they are passionate about at the break of dawn! It allowed us to relive the great memories of what organizing a run was like, what running races physically felt like, and being in the heart of giving in every way. It also hit home that if one is truly passionate about what they do, everyday can be a great day of rest and productivity. Resting aside the things that don't matter, and creating change for things that do matter.

So don't wait, and just do it!

Women with a Cause