Silhouettes of September

As we wrap up the end of September with some exciting ideas of events to come, a thought crossed our minds amidst the colorful autumn leaves brushing past our boots. And that was when we asked ourselves the question: Why and how do we fall in love with what we do? Is it the persistence? Is it the exposure to new experiences? Is it the long periods of time invested in discovering why we want to fall in love with it, that we simply just do? Perhaps the question is- how do we know when we're in love with a passion, a project, and of course, people? In Janet Levin's philsophical debate around physicalism, without getting into too many details- the idea is that love is like a heat wave aroused the discussion of whether or not this could be true. If love is like a heat wave, is that why there are so many passions we grow weary of, or people we used to care for become foreign to us? Perhaps our subconscious is much more in tune and aware of what our conscious minds can process, causing disparity in what we feel we should do or say, rather than what we end up actioning? Hmmm...some food for thought.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we couldn't have wrapped up such an exciting and busy month without ending on a beautiful and exciting picture.

Stay tuned for our Thursday blog post where we'll be featuring some of our nostalgic #tbt of Oktoberfest in Munich!

Happy Tuesday to all!

Autumn Pond