Today is the Day!

Today marks the official launch day of Laws of Luxury! The most exciting yet terrifying feeling you get when you realize that what you’ve been working on for the last few months are finally coming together. As we write to you all with a heavy heart and quick typing fingers, it gives us such joy to be able to look at each and every day as a “lifetime of memories” to be shared. We want to share a lifetime of memories with all of you who are reading this. With every event or special moment we step into, we do it because of the people and because of the greatness it brings into a gentle loving smile, a gasp of sheer excitement, or a single tear to mark your achievements. It is because of people like you that community exists, it is because of people like you that change can happen, and it is because of people like you that we can look beyond the obvious and step into a mindset of luxury. Welcome, and we look forward to sharing those wonderful experiences with all of you as we grow and explore together.